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          1. 酒店預訂
            2019/07/24    作者:handler

            近日,雅閣酒店集團宣布,全新升級集團會員忠誠計劃,并正式更名為格美會,該計劃適用于雅閣酒店集團旗下位于亞太區各地的七大系列酒店,其中包括,雅閣大酒店、雅閣璞邸酒店、雅閣度假酒店、雅閣酒店、雅閣澳斯特酒店、澳斯特精選酒店和澳斯特公寓, 以及格美集團旗下各品牌,加入的會員可在集團快速擴張的住宿項目中輕松獲取并使用積分。

            Recently, the Argyle Hotels Group announced that a brand new membership loyalty program has been officially upgraded and renamed as KOSMOS. This program applies to the seven series of hotels in the Asia-Pacific region of the Argyle Hotels Group, including Argyle Grand Hotel, Argyle Boutique Hotel, Argyle Resort, Argyle Hotel, AUSOTEL by Argyle, AUSOTEL SMART, and AUSOTEL SUITES as well as all brands of KOSMOS Group. Members can easily obtain and use accumulated points among the group’s rapidly expanding hotels and serviced apartments. 


            Through the strong brand support and professional operation team, KOSMOS will continue to bring members a series of exclusive privilege in order to create unforgettable travel experiences for them. Besides, KOSMOS will also reward the most loyal members with the most personalized awards and ultimately achieve the construction and enhancement of trust between the brand and our members. 


            There are totally five levels of KOSMOS, which is digital card, VIP card, shell card, gold card, and platinum card. Each level of membership can enjoy a series of exclusive benefits. For every one Yuan of membership card consumption, it can help you get five kinds of K-points reward, such as 1, 2, 2.5, 3, and 12 times respectively. Membership will be upgraded to the relevant membership level with the cumulative number of your valid check-in nights. When members reach the corresponding level, you can enjoy various kinds of good gifts, and exclusive rewards, including member discounts of different levels, late check-out, gifts on members’ birthday and gift vouchers


            In addition, the acquisition and exchange policy of this new upgraded KOSMOS is very flexible, points could be used throughout the year without any restrictions. Sometimes, under the certain conditions, members can even designate or recommend other guests of the same trip to enjoy membership's discount treatments


            "KOSMOS will always adhere to the core value of 'customer oriented'. With O2O operation mode as the main development path, and rely on the strong support of 30 million+ members, KOSMOS tailor-mades exclusive incentive scheme for customer, and offers convenience and individual services for our members. In the near future, we will also cooperate with more OTA platforms, airlines, e-commerce, catering, social malls and WeChat malls in the perspectives of member matching, welfare sharing, and points exchange to create a perfect member ecosphere, so that to provide rich and wonderful treatment and rewards, and offer customer a variety of travel related preferential programs, for example, accommodation, air tickets, etc.,., meanwhile, make them fully feel the vibrant high-quality tourism experiences," said Mr. Kevin Zhang, Chairman and CEO of Argyle Hotels Group (Australia). 


            Argyle Hotels Group is a premier hotel management group from Australia. Currently, there are 144 hotels in China with 23250 keys and located in 101 cities. Relying on the diversified background of Argyle Hotels Group, we will launch more reservation and membership services’ functions for the newly upgraded KOSMOS loyalty program to meet the multiple needs of members about hotel courtesy. This new membership program has injected new vitality into this Australian international hotel brand. 

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